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hg1717app|首页网KJW.CC , 是以宣传hg1717app|首页知识为主的综合性hg1717app|首页门户网站。于2009年9月22日腾空出世。




《hg1717app|首页网》宗旨:创新科技平台 全民教育在线!




远大目标: 打造中国hg1717app|首页第一门户网站

To promote science, education, knowledge-based integrated science and education portal - science and education network on September 22, 2009 vacated born.Science and education network through pictures, text, video and other forms of science and education workers and to provide information services related to the audience.Website set up a "news channel", "science and technology channel," "Popular Science Channel", "Education Channel", "IT Digital" and 8 a part, embodies the main features of the portal.

"Science and Education Network" is to implement the scientific outlook on development, raise the scientific quality, great strategy to implement technology and education, set educational, scientific and technological achievements to promote scientific literacy, cultural and artistic exchanges, newspapers, electronic publications, software, comprehensive services for the main of sites. Our experts, universities, research institutes, business cooperation. Brings together a large number of high technology, practical, functional unique high-quality scientific and educational information on vacancies in the market.

"Science and Education Network" Mission: Innovation and Technology Platform EFA Online!

"Science and Education Network" for all walks of life to provide accurate, timely and authoritative information services, will work to build science and education, an important channel of information dissemination.

"Science and Education Network" is a popular mainstream media of China, "Popular Science reported that" as the basis, in order to release the first time the authority of science and technology news and information.

"Science and Education Network," "investment platform", "Twice Today", "results show" and other columns to introduce the national scientific and technological achievements, the project platform for both transactions.


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